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At the beginning of the 2016 season, I informed Innova that it would be my last year as a sponsored player for their company. So, after 12 years on the team, 2017 is truly a fresh start for me.

I’m not leaving to join another team or to chase down a higher paying contract. I am leaving because of the countless honors I have been denied, because I am a woman. If we want things to change the future landscape of women’s disc golf, we need these leading companies to support and promote their best female athletes with the same respect as they give the men on their team.

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Learning a Run-up


Not only does a Run-up (aka an X-step) give more power, it helps your timing and allow your body to become aligned to crush! I compare the X-step to the Karaoke warmup routine that I learned doing track in highschool. Youre upper and lower body are allowed to twist opposite of eachother, and in Disc Golf it creates that winding up sort of motion. 

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Tips to help save you strokes on the course without even practicing. Putting and driving can give you the advantage on the course, but these tips can give you the advantage over the field. If you can remember one or two of these tips, you can use them for your lifetime in the game.

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